Maloney's Grove was the premier camping resort of the Pacific Northwest from 1913 until the 1950s.  Owned
and operated by Peter J. Maloney, the Grove was known throughout the United States for its camping, picnics,
ingenious amusement features, ballpark, miniature golf, and fishing.

P. J. Maloney bought and built the Grove in response to the large influx of cars traveling on the Sunset
Highway (which also caused the demise of his successful livery stable business).

He was well-known for his successes in the livery business, his role as the first Mayor of North Bend,
pioneering advertising methods, his construction skills (he also built Issaquah's first Catholic Church,
assisted in building the Snoqualmie Depot, the North Bend Church, and numerous buildings in Seattle after
the great fire), and his stories, one of which is the first white man to cross a certain route on Snoqualmie
Pass on horseback.

This website is part of my project to get to know P. J., my great-grandfather, whom I never met.  I am also
building a scale model of the Grove, as well as numerous other projects relating to the history of the
Snoqualmie Valley and S
quak (Issaquah) area.

I am asking for assistance from anyone who was lucky enough to stay at the Grove before most of it was
obliterated by I-90.  Any stories, photographs, leads, and rumors are most welcome and will help me with my
pursuit.  If you have any information you wouldn't mind sharing with me, please contact me at
edwardbullock@maloneysgrove.com or fill out the form below.
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